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What the press said about ‘White Hot’ by Donald Margulies

Colin Thomas at the Georgia Straight says:


"White Hot goes to extremes"

"Loretta Walsh, who’s playing the role, embodies Lil’s internal conflict so effectively that you can practically feel flesh separating from bone as she says the opposite of what she means."

"Indelicato reveals the impressive depth she’s capable of."

"Playwright Smith is obviously talented. "


Gillian Lockitch of Review From the House says:

“Walsh and Indelicato make good use of Smith's dialogue to create clearly defined characters….”

“I thought this was a tight, well acted and well directed production that held my attention throughout.”


What the press said about 'Dinner with Friends’ by Donald Margulies

"....The production is gorgeous. There’s beauty in the rhythms of Margulies’s writing, especially in the overlapping dialogue, and, under Jennifer Clement’s direction, this cast of four makes music with the flow. Ben Ratner is particularly good as Tom. Ratner, who works a lot in film and TV, has a phenomenally easeful delivery and scruffy, doglike charm.  Loretta Walsh is also seamlessly convincing as Beth…. Jenn MacLean-Angus’s performance as Karen provided the most moving moments of the evening. Noel Johansen’s Gabe is also strong….

Former actor Peter Wilds’s first set design is crazily successful. Using budget-minded modular pieces and a limited palette of black, white, grey, cream, and pale green, he creates a series of deluxe interiors for the affluent characters. And then there’s the ceiling of clear light bulbs. Yowzer."


Aaron Alexander from BC Buzz writes:


"Local actors bring to life four characters in the newest breath of fresh air to the VanCity theatre scene.  From the moment the first glass of red wine is poured, to the moment food is eaten, to the yelling, screaming, laughing, love making (actually its more hard core rage sex as Ben’s character Tom calls it), while making a balsamic dip at the vineyard, talking about good times just before a sunset to helping the kids out with whatever they need, to shouting at the dog, to etc etc…..it all felt very real……almost too real.  So real that any couple in the audience at some point I’m sure looked at each other to ask that question “is that us”…..”could that be us”……”will that be us”?"

What the press said about ‘Lobby Hero’ by Kenneth Lonergan

Colin Thomas of The Georgia Straight writes:

“For 20 bucks, you can go see Lobby Hero at the Havana Theatre and have an experience that’s more satisfying than that provided by anything currently playing on this town’s bigger, more expensive stages.”

“The roughly vivacious dialogue is always a huge pleasure and, under Kelly-Ruth Mercier’s direction, the acting in this production is tremendous.”

Gillian Lockitch from Review from the House wrote:

“Overall I thought this production is well worth seeing. And best of all, the issue of moral absolutes and ambiguity, and of bending one's principles in unusual circumstances, made for an engrossing post-show discussion enroute home. My favorite kind of evening!”