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Actors' Cross-Training is an intense three-hour weekly workout for actors.  You will be on your feet, participating for most of the class, pushing past technical and emotional boundaries.  You will leave the class refreshed, invigorated, and ultimately more empowered and confident in your craft.

Designed for new students to Ben’s studio and for those existing students looking for an extra challenge, Actors' Cross-Training is a place where you can build your ‘acting muscles’ with exercises to develop voice, listening, physicality, imagination, personalization, and above all, fearless commitment to your instincts.  

By strengthening your foundation, you'll feel authentically prepared to bring your true creativity to your next scene study class, audition, or acting job.  The class will also include condensed scene study work, making it perfect preparation for any newer actors who aspire to work in Ben's scene study classes.



Scene Study

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