Loretta Walsh - Actor, Producer, Teacher

testimonials TEACHER

"I started taking Loretta's class end of last year and booked a guest star almost immediately! To say she's the bomb is an understatement. She cares so much about her students and totally has your back. She creates a space that's completely safe, supportive and full of love. She knows when to push you and when to give you space. She has a keen eye and a way of communicating that ensures you understand on the level you need to. I feel like she really gets the things you need to work on and tailors the exercises and scenes so you can do just that: meet the challenges head on from a strong, supported place. I trust her completely and can't wait to get back in class with this very special woman!" - Jennifer Spence (Continuum,  The Killing, SGU Stargate Universe)

"I worked with Loretta in Actors Cross Training right after I booked a series regular on a TV show.  She helped me prepare and ground myself for a huge leap in my career.  Her one on one exercises were very helpful and informative.  I can say with certainty that actors will benefit from Loretta's class no matter where they are in their acting career!" -Luvia Petersen (Continuum, Endgame, Sanctuary)

"Loretta's creative soul inspires me to go the distance, as her heart communicates that I am capable of more than I originally thought imaginable. Loretta's bold endeavours surpass stagnant familiar boundaries, pushing artist's technique and the audience experience to deserving places. Thank you Loretta. I am truly grateful to you." - David-Paul Grove (Once upon a Time, Elf, Supernatural)

"After years of teaching I thought it was time to take another class in scene study. Loretta came highly recommended and having just seen her act in Dinner With Friends I felt confident that it was a wise choice to take her four week scene study class.

Wow! I was able to be safe and challenged, scared but invigorated. She was inspiring and compassionate. Always made everyone believe they had it in them and had extra time for all. I was grateful and felt proud I had made the choice to take her class." - David C. Jones  (Tops and Bottoms, Coffee Club)